Above: What's going through every leader's mind right now.

Returning to an altered physical, cultural, and business landscape.

Global crises bring about fundamental changes.

Trends that were taking place over years are now happening over weeks. Many of our decisions will be made in the context of public health, rendering previous drivers irrelevant. New tasks, responsibilities, and positions will be added, and new division lines will be drawn.

Think past the immediate return to "normal."

Strong, cohesive cultures and employee well-being are more important than ever before.

We'll work together to take advantage of your organizational strengths, laying out a roadmap for your return to the office with:
• An organization-wide consensus.
• A plan to move forward.
• A shared purpose.
• A renewed commitment to each other.

We are all eager for the connections and conveniences of which we have been so deprived. As the weeks and months progress and we enter Phases II, III, and beyond, will employees come into the office on a more permanent basis? Will this forced remote work experiment convince both leadership and employees that it is possible to do most work from home? Will people feel the confidence required to crowd onto public transit? Companies need to plan for a range of potential futures to adequately prepare for a reality that may ultimately be very different from what we've known.

As we transition back into the physical office, there are critical factors to address to ensure employees are safe and comfortable. In the short term, with physical distancing guidelines likely to remain to some degree, day-to-day operations will expand to include a range of new policies and procedures. While organizations adjust to these changes, the clear and timely communication of new guidelines and HR protocols is paramount.
In the medium term, when the immediate threat of this pandemic is behind us, employees will begin to adapt to their "new normal." The lessons learned from this pandemic will be fresh, but we may begin to relax some. New positions will be created and outdated work processes will be streamlined.
In the long term, as new technology is developed, employees grow, and new generations enter the workforce, companies will need to be more strategic about their assets: people, tools, and place. What will the relationship between employer and employee look like? Will there still be a role for a central office? Each company will need to explore these types of questions for their own strategic priorities and in the context of public health in order to evolve - and evolve to something better.

Building your ReEntry.

Change is a catalyst. Leveraging a workplace transition -- pandemic or otherwise -- is a process. When we help organizations develop that skill to serve your future missions, we recommend that you start with a process that looks something like this (and yours might be different!):

1. Employee Survey.
Engage your employees to help make decisions about returning to the office.

2. Workplace Layout.
Use the data gathered in the survey to create a custom plan for your return to the office in the short-term.

3. Transformation Leadership.
Create positive, inspiring energy about the change your organization is going through with our unique version of change management.

4. Vium.
Implement our customizable app dedicated to making your work-life more efficient and productive with a channel for your company’s ever-evolving needs.

5. Vision Session.
Understand and prioritize the critical attributes most important to your success to build a decision-making guide tied directly to your strategy.

6. Scenario Planning.
Test multiple outcomes to best plan for for them, allowing you to imagine possible futures and choose the best one based on your goals and objectives.

Contact us to discover your hidden strengths, reinforce your culture, and develop a roadmap for your return to the office.

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