Our 2021 Mood Board

Our 2021 Mood Board

A few weeks ago, I asked my fellow OPXers the following:

What are your hopes / goals for 2021, either professionally or personally?

Below are the responses I received. I think it's worth noting that most, if not all, the answers involve continuing hobbies, habits, and ideals developed throughout 2020, a year that was collectively challenging. While we all hope that the state of the world improves in 2021, it's inspiring to see that so many of us found the silver linings in such difficult times.

Ed Corr puts it best:

"Hopes and goals for the coming year are in a never-before-seen position of following on one of the most challenging years for individuals, businesses, and the government in my lifetime. 2020 was a year of challenge, disruption, and reconsidering the norms of life at most every level.  More than ever in my life, the coming year cannot help but be rooted in the past year in comparison - how to emerge and rise up; how to recover and renew."

Cheers to a new year!

That we learn from [2020]: what was a real concern, what was hype, what was politics, what was innovative, what can be useful from the future and what can be the seed for further innovation.

That we enter new markets outside our immediate region and start traveling for work again.

That I am able to continue the good habits of eating well, painting, cooking, relaxing before the start of the day and reaching out to friends and family across the globe regularly.

- Kamran Riazi, Principal

My goals for 2021 is financial awareness. Not necessary saving or investing, but [to] be aware: monthly budget, what is the best way to save your money, etc.

- Naredeen Mikhaiel, Designer

I want to get back to exercising. Not exciting, but important.

- Tina Weich, Principal

A few of my goals for 2021 have stemmed from 2020’s adjustment to the pandemic. During this time, I discovered how much I enjoy gardening. I like the sense of accomplishment, the fresh air, the sense of peace it provides, and just provides beauty to the house and the community. I’m reading more on how to take care of the plants and look forward to seeing new plantings bloom!

I would like to get involved again with my community. Speaking of gardening, since I was outside of my house more, I met more neighbors and dogs! It made me want to know more of my neighbors and want to get involved in the community, as such, I just started a role as a VP in our homeowner’s association. In our community, we have a variety of socioeconomic statuses and there is currently a divide of communication. I joined the board so that I could possibly be a bridge between the neighbors and have a more joined community. I also want to be more connected to our councilman and ANC Ward representative to understand how our neighborhood can be a better contributor to the larger area as a whole. I think we all felt a little more isolated during the 2020 pandemic and it showed that even I, as an introvert, need more face-to-face interactions and conversation with strangers.

 I also want to continue reading more books! To get away from monitors in 2020, I started reading more. I’ve found that biographies and autobiographies allow me to see how others process information in order to achieve a solution to a myriad of problems. I can also see how so many people can struggle with many of the same, small things day today. It’s the small day to day items that I tend to get caught up in and not the longer-term issues. Autobiographies and biographies don’t necessary provide encouragement, but they provide an opportunity to see the normal lives in which we think they may not live.

- Bobby Croghan, Senior Associate

My goals are to become a licensed architect, and to start working in the office again.

- Erik Wyche, Senior Associate

My hopes and goals for 2021 include the following:

  • We will develop a work environment supporting a viable and growing business that is safe and flexible. 
  • We will continue to support individual growth – and – corporate success and opportunity. 
  • We will embrace our values to re-define our service offerings so that they are relevant to this emerging new world.
  • We will maintain existing positive relationships to support our work going forward.  We will continue to be trusted colleagues with those that we know – and – strive to build new positive relationships.

- Ed Corr, Principal

What are your hopes and goals for 2021?

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