OPX's Response to COVID-19

OPX's Response to COVID-19

Steve Polo

MARCH 19, 2020

This communication is intended to provide some direction for how we can proceed with our work and lives together through this current environmental challenge in a conscientious, healthy, and supportive manner.  Success depends on each one of us supporting each other to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

The latest developments regarding the Coronavirus outbreak continue to be overwhelming and rapid. OPX encourages all employees to take the proper precautions to help prevent exposure and the spread of the virus to our coworkers, clients, and consultants. Let’s continue to remain calm, and to stay healthy and safe.

Given the current climate and recommendations from health, transportation and government officials, OPX wants all staff to work remotely.  Our office will be closed. We will continue to monitor this regularly and carefully and we appreciate your help. We will reassess the status on Friday, 3/27/2020 and advise you of our next steps. 

We are available to discuss any issues you may have – do not hesitate to approach us with your concerns.

Thank you.

MARCH 16, 2020

Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends,

As the conditions and responses to the COVID 19 (coronavirus) unfold, OPX is responding to the current situation with caution and concern for the safety of our people and those around us.  To that end, and for the foreseeable future, OPX has given all its employees the option to work remotely.

We are taking this step in light of the WHO’s recommendations and objectives designed to slow the effects of the virus,and to keep our people and our circle of relationships as safe as possible.

During this temporary arrangement, we are still committed to fulfilling our obligations to you, our clients, partners and friends, and will continue our work for you throughout this period.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in these unusual times. If you have any questions regarding our work for you, please reach out to us.

Steve Polo
Managing Partner

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