OPXhibition 2014 in the Books!

OPXhibition 2014 in the Books!

On October 23, 2014 we hosted our annual OPXhibition event and raised over $2,000 for Rebuilding Together of Washington DC.

OPXhibition is an ever-evolving tradition. For years it was an internal showcase of OPXers’ talents, skills and out-of-the-office-hobbies. Last year it was an external photography exhibit, and photographs were sold online and at the event to benefit the National Children’s Center. This year OPXhibition took on a new form: a live auction.

OPXers were all given a standard birdhouse from Michaels. Each individual was invited to decorate, design and deconstruct his or her birdhouse as he or she saw fit. The birdhouses were then live auctioned off at OPXhibtion, which was held in the atrium of 21 Dupont.

The event was a true success! Some OPXers were even commissioned to create additional birdhouses after the event. All proceeds went directly to Rebuilding Together. Given the enthusiasm, both internally and externally, don’t be surprised if there is another live OPX auction in 2015!

Thank you to everyone who was involved: designers, social committee members, colleagues, friends, family and Rebuilding Together of Washington DC. The event was surely one for the books!

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