[OPX] Mother's Day

[OPX] Mother's Day

“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” – Erich Fromm

It is often said that our children are reflections of ourselves.

Every day, but on Mother’s Day in particular, we celebrate the women of OPX who are raising the next generation. So when it’s time to celebrate OPX moms, we thought it best to hear from those who know them best as Mothers – their kids!

We asked their kids two simple questions, and received a range of contributors – OPX kids ranging from age 27 to 5 months – describing the moms of OPX.

Thanks to these incredibly hard working, resourceful, inspiring, and creative women who are raising the next generation, and thanks to our witty contributors!

What does your mom do at OPX?

  • My mommy is a designer, she sits in front of the computer for long time at work.
  • My mom works on managing projects and space planning.
  • She’s a principal… sooo She is in charge of stuff
  • She does achetcher. Sometimes I get to go to her work. I like her job. She is AWSOME! at building things.
  • My mother is an architect and project manager. She designs office space for companies, helping to maximize the use of their space while meeting their business needs.
  • Goo goo gah gah (5 month old contributor)

Tell us what you love most about your mom.

  • My mommy is funny and she makes us yummy food!
  • Mommy’s kisses.
  • I love how nerdy my mom is! I also love how stylish she is.
  • what I love most about my mom is she puts up with all my craziness and will even sometimes join in, making some interesting and great moments.
  • She has never stopped worrying about my well being and always has time to help whatever the situation.
  • Her food, her reading to me, and her love. I love her. You are a qeen.
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