International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

While we celebrate our teammates every day at OPX, we feel it’s important to give rise to the individuals that make up our dynamic collective.

International Women’s Day provided just that opportunity for the women of OPX. On March 8, our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds were saturated with the unique experiences, perspectives and thought leadership of our female colleagues. Their stories inspire us, lead us, and ultimately help OPX and our clients #workbetter – on International Women’s Day and every day.

Without further ado… meet the outstanding women of OPX!

Meet Shelby – film buff, painter, spam musubi chef. Shelby’s pledge to delegate to her colleagues inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Katie – Afro-Brazilian drummer, hand letterer, celestial tracker. Katie’s commitment to be a strong female role model for her niece inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Patty – Friend, humor seeker, dog mom, dinner party thrower. Patty’s pledge to advocate for female event speakers inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Becca – proud millennial, road tripper, generalist, growing into her true self. Becca’s pledge to have a seat at the table inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Lee – Planner, superhero fanatic, hockey fan. Lee treats every day as an opportunity to better others, spread kindness, and she inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Linda – New mom, traveler, seeker. Linda’s pledge to be the best mom and colleague and to allow herself grace inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Courtney – designer, photographer, dog mom. Courtney’s embrace of work-life balance inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Crissy –Yogi, adventurer, achiever, journal keeper. Crissy’s pledge to challenge the rules and her search for freedom and truth inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Lexie –Foodie, adventurer, friend. Lexie’s pledge to support a student transitioning to the workplace inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Ash – Illustrator, app builder. Ash pledges not to shy away from tough conversations around gender and equity. She lifts us up and inspires us to #workbetter!

Meet Celena – Explorer, animal lover, kickboxer. Celena’s commitment to taking risks and pushing her personal boundaries inspire us to #workbetter!

Meet Tina – Architect, mom, aspiring astronaut. Tina pledges to simplify her life and she inspires us all to #workbetter!

Meet Natalie – Balancer and equity champion. Natalie’s persistence and solution finding makes us #workbetter!

Meet Holly – Immigrant, supermom, traveler. Holly’s commitment to mentorship is just one of the ways she makes us #workbetter!

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