Building Erin’s Wish

Building Erin’s Wish

Our family at OPX loves to get involved, at every scope we can, in making the world a brighter, happier place. Every once in a while we’ll get a really special opportunity. For the last few months we’ve gotten to work one such project with GPR and the Make-a-wish Foundation. I’ll let our very own Alistair Gellatly tell you a bit about it:

“This little project came to us through the contractor at the Adams Morgan Hotel, they have done a few other projects like this, all volunteer, from inception through construction, I got started a little before I got sick. After I got the initial sketches done I went downhill in a hurry. Sarah, Ben, Matthew, and Erik picked up the ball and ran with it.

The look on Erin’s face yesterday was priceless, and she was still kicking out ideas. I am always humbled by these kids, their perseverance and unashamed optimistic outlook in the face of truly terrible odds. Her parents and her older sister are real pillars of strength.

Walsh  Construction contributed immensely to the effort and coordinate all the necessary materials. The real hero in all of this is Vito Germinario of GPR, he sponsors the projects (ten so far) and throws all of the little parties and get togethers, including limos to get Erin and her family to and from the events.

Sarah W., Ben S., Alistair G., and Erik W., thanks, you all did an outstanding job!  Erin was as close to speechless as I have seen her. Roll up your sleeves, we have to build this thing now.”

– Alistair Gellatly –

We can’t wait to see it built!! The smile on Erin’s face makes us think she probably feels the same. Stay with us as we finish building Erin’s dream!


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