Park Hotels & Resorts

Emphasizing a hospitality heritage at a new headquarters.

business Model Transformation

The Opportunity.

As part of a strategy to promote rapid international growth, Hilton Worldwide transitioned their business model, and, in the process, created the Park Hotels & Resorts REIT. Park holds a multi-billion real estate portfolio and is now one of the largest publicly traded hotel REITs.

As a new independent organization operating out of a temporary space, Park Hotels & Resorts needed to build a headquarters - and a brand - on an aggressive schedule to properly accommodate investors. Park’s strong identity would differ from their Hilton heritage, and a requirement of this new headquarters was to highlight Park’s hospitality experience.

business Model Transformation

The Process.

OPX began schematic design during the building selection process to relieve the project schedule early and wherever possible. The headquarters selected a 30,000 SF single floor in sought-after Tysons Corner and needed to include an above-average number of offices to attract top executive talent. The iterative design intent harmonized the everyday needs of Park’s staff alongside demonstrative high-end hospitality for shareholders and visitors. The engagement included Programming, Space Planning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents & Specifications, General Furnishings Selection & Specification, and Contract Administration.

The Impact.

In a short time frame, Park Hotels & Resorts transitioned from a Hilton identity to one all their own - and their space showcases that independence of character with:

    -  A stunning and welcoming lobby. Reminiscent of hotel entries, the lobby and reception feature cork-and-foil backed glass panels downlit by cove lighting, enhancing reflectivity and setting the first impression.

    - A brand that echoes throughout the space. Their distinctive logo is repeated in custom metal screens and on display in other finishes.

    - A show-stopping board room. Taking advantage of the view, executive meetings showcase the sky as a backdrop, supported by a full natural stone table and leather panel wall accents with a higher stone backsplash. This way, comfort and maintenance balance with aesthetics.

    - A plan for growth. A supplemental stair location was pre-planned to minimize disruption, should space on an adjacent floor be needed in the future.

    - A biergarten-style cafe. The unique lighting can be seen from the active streets below. Seating options are modeled after hotel lobbies and bars, with a back-to-back display wall sectioning a more private space behind.

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