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business Model Transformation

The Opportunity.

After 82 years in the same location, Miles & Stockbridge had outlived its traditional office space and made the decision to relocate to the prominent TransAmerica Tower in the heart of downtown Baltimore.  

They say with great change comes great opportunity – or something like that. While Miles & Stockbridge could easily relocate, moving from one outgrown shell to another more fitting (and more impressive) one, they imagined more than an upgrade to their furniture and address. The location and new environment alone would increase visibility, elevate the brand, and provide more convenience, comfort, and accommodations for staff, but what about everything else?

Viewing the move as a catalyst, Miles & Stockbridge sought to be more effective, progressive, innovative, and competitive – upgrading their processes along with their prestige. Over the next several months, Miles & Stockbridge would investigate the possibilities as well as the probabilities alongside our analysts, designers, and change specialists.

business Model Transformation

The Process.

The only good decisions are informed decisions, and Miles & Stockbridge needed data to begin making theirs. Our work (and theirs) began with an Integrated Operating Environment (IOE) Assessment, which provided a mountain of data around how the firm naturally operated. Our analysis then identified clear opportunities for growth.

But data is best used as a tool, not a reference. By extrapolating the IOE findings into models, we visualized a series of possible futures – varying levels of collaboration, types of technology, office layouts responding to culture -- to then be evaluated and applied in both environment and process.

The finished design, implemented by OPX so as to remain faithful to the data and concept, featured a detailed eight-story central staircase, with luxurious landings to increase connectivity between floors and fortuitous encounters. Nicknamed “the hive”, these areas created active destination spaces for increased interaction. Revolutionary at the time, universal sized, offices with sliding glass doors communicated the firm’s strong sense of internal belonging, along with a single large Café -- open to all Miles employees -- to break down perceived barriers and promote connectivity. A growing relationship with the Baltimore community drove the design of a large flexible space to host functions and events.

Interview with John Frisch, Chairman of Miles & Stockbridge in Baltimore, for Space Matters

The Impact.

Miles & Stockbridge credits the design of its new headquarters in downtown Baltimore with increased efficiency, improved culture, and greater connection to the communities in which they serve. Independently, the firm reported:

    -  Over 12% increased revenue

    - A 9% increase in productivity, measured in billable hours

    - Improved interaction, as the “hives,” or connection-heavy areas, are fully occupied

    - Improved retention and attraction as lawyers from other firms (and other Miles' offices!) are moving to Baltimore

    - Increased brand awareness and visibility, as requests by Baltimore civic groups to use Miles & Stockbridge’s space grow

OPX would later be engaged to design their offices in Washington, DC, Tysons Corner, Virginia, and Towson, MD

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